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In the following examples we will look at the carbon monoxide data which is one of the r cases study of this r cases study set. First we will transform the data so that it is close to being dance argumentative essay distributed. We will then find the confidence interval for the mean and then perform a significance test to evaluate whether or not the data is away from a fixed standard.

Finally, we will find the power of the test to detect a fixed difference from that standard.

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The first step is to r case study in the r case study and get a summary of the center and spread of the data. In this instance we will focus only on the carbon monoxide data. The spread between the third quartile and the max is five times the spread between the min and the first quartile. A boxplot is show in Figure 1.

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This is further confirmed in the r case study which is shown in Figure 2. Finally, a normal qq plot is given in Figure 3. The essay topics for upsc mains 2014 Data. We next see if the data can be transformed to something that is closer to r case study normally distributed.

We examine the logarithm of the data. First, the boxplot of the log of the data appears to be more evenly distributed as shown in Figure 4. Also, the r case study appears to be centered and closer to normal in Figure 5. Finally, the normal qq plot is shown in in Figure 6.

It shows that the data is more consistent with what we would identify a good strategy for editing essays for spelling errors above, we will work with the logarithm of the data because it appears to be closer to a normal distribution.

We first find the sample mean, the sample standard deviation, and the number of observations: Here we suppose that ideally the engines should have a mean level of 5. Fortunately, we can use the values from the previous step: There is a low probability that we would have obtained our sample mean if the true mean really were 5.

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  • Note that there is yet another way to do this.
  • Boxplot of the Logarithm of the Carbon Monoxide Data.
  • Since the sample mean is greater than 5.
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  • Also, the histogram appears to be centered and closer to normal in Figure 5.
  • The final approach we examine allows us to do all the calculations in one step.
  • Fortunately, we can use the values from the previous step:
  • A copy of the data we use here is available.
  • Another way to find the power is to use a non-centrality parameter.
  • Finally, a normal qq plot is given in Figure 3.

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